Rene' Colato Lainez

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​Rene' Has Two Last Names

Saturday April 25, 2015
Young Author's Fair

The Young Author's Fair is a collaboration between VCRA and the California State University Channel Islands to present a full morning of activities that will include a special presentation by a guest author.

With the help of teachers, mentors and family members in Ventura County, students create books, newspapers, journals, and other "authored" items. The written works of these children take on special importance when displayed in the college setting.

Classroom teachers, home school groups and individuals, or families who would like to participate and display children's works are encouraged to register!

The Young Author's Fair also gives teachers a chance to see the work that goes on throughout the individual classrooms of Ventura County and get inspiration from their colleagues' efforts.
CLASSROOM TEACHERS and HOME SCHOOL EDUCATORS who join CRA and VCRA when registering their class or student for this event or are already members will receive one complimentary copy of the guest author's book when they attend the event! Don't miss this chance to join a great group, get your students excited about literacy and receive a wonderful book from a local author for your library!

Children's Reading Celebration 


CSUCI Campus
John Spoor Broome Library

The University will again present the Children's Reading Celebration to showcase stories, hold book talks, and work with families doing hands-on projects to explore literacy and share the joy of reading!
Holding this event in cooperation with California State University Channel Islands allows an opportunity for children and families to experience a positive and festive event in a lovely collegiate environment. It also offers a unique setting in which to celebrate, honor and encourage children’s writing accomplishments.